From book fairs to gay festivals, from walking trails to artisan masterclasses. Visit Hepburn Shire, it has it all.

Daylesford Cinema – School Holidays at the Town Hall!

We're getting a little bit excited! The volunteers at the Daylesford Cinema are gearing up to show movies at the Daylesford Town Hall for the September school holidays! The team is working on getting the Town Hall "Cinema-Ready". They are bring in speakers and the projector is finding a new space too!

For a great viewing experience the balcony seating will be used, so there won't be any issues seeing the screen!

The school holiday session will  start this Friday 21st September at 5:30pm with a screening of Christopher Robin. A selection of new release movies will be running through to Sunday 7th October. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

The Old Hepburn Hotel

Proprietor Amber Dooley has over 20 years experience in the hotel industry and she prides herself on showcasing amazing talent, whether that is local, from all over Australia or from all around the Globe, they all love taking to the stage at the Old Hep.

With Live Music on weekends this is the destination where locals and visitors alike can enjoy live music, a cold beverage, a great meal and exchange a story or 2. The Old Hepburn is the focal point of the local community, and has been since the Gold Rush days of the 1850s.

Musk Farm

Musk Farm house and grounds were the original Musk Primary school, founded in 1872. The school was decommissioned in 1993 and the land and property were sold.

Stuart Rattle and his partner, Michael O’Neil purchased the dilapidated schoolhouse in 1998. Over the next 15 years the house was expanded, and the barren grounds were developed into 14 exquisite garden rooms. The centerpiece being the oval, which is enclosed by a dense 3-meter hedge.

Stuart’s creative flair and attention to detail is still evident today as the use of hedges; gates and garden ornamentation combine to carry the eye through various vistas and create an excitement of anticipation. An exceptional example of this is seen when standing in ‘The Dixter’, on the School Road edge of the property, and looking across the Chestnut Lawn, through an opening in the X Cupresses hedge and into the Tank Garden. There are a further 12 'Garden rooms including The Rhododendron Garden, Woodlands, Autumn Garden, Rondial and Terrace

Joy Higham Doll Collection

Most of these dolls and miniatures have been made by Joy Higham.
An Assortment of Dolls and Dollhouse Miniatures Suitable for All Ages-From Large Dolls to Tiny Miniatures Dolls. The Tiniest you could wish to see- These have been made over a 30 year period of time
There is also a variety of Dolls and Miniatures for sale for you to take on your Journey with you.

Cheshire cat art studio

Locally made arts and crafts in a little alley way studio where you can meet and chat to the makers.

Join them on Friday afternoons/ early evenings for a social arty session

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