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Koala Park – Creswick Regional Park

Walking tracks in Koala Park are closed due to flood damage, including a section of the Goldfields Track. The cycling route of the Goldfields Track remains open in this area.

Koala Park has a network of walking tracks. There's a good chance of spotting a koala here, although you are more likely to see one at Slaty Creek or Eaton's Dam.

In 1942, forestry students constructed a netting fence in a section of the forest to be used as a breeding area for koalas. Koalas were released in the enclosure to breed and boost the numbers of the local population. However, they were able to climb the fence and so dispersed into the surrounding forest.

For up-to-date park information including any changed conditions, visit the Parks Victoria webpage or call 13 19 63.

  • 13 1963
  • Sunrise to Sunset

Scrub Hill 1869

SCRUB HILL, a district of rich farmland amongst picturesque volcanic hills, halfway between Daylesford and Ballarat in Victoria. In 1869 the locals commissioned a Bluestone Church forming the heart of the community until 2015.

Fronting Scrub Hill on 1.25 acres, an old Himalayan Cedar tree shades a quadrangle flanked by the Bluestone Church and Sunday School (original Dean church c1879), evoking an English countryside ambiance.

To the west a backdrop of 40 year old pine trees and an elm tree garden where you can wander and watch the sunset and birdlife around the neighbouring farm dam.

Fully restored to highlight the Bluestone Church’s original features. The green diamond leadlight windows shine in the afternoon sun, glowing against the walnut ceiling beams and the baltic pine floor. Hydronic heating and NBN are the modern comforts of a venue ready for your imagination.

Inside the Sunday School you can feel the history, timber tongue and groove paneled walls and ceiling – l

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