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Kingston Avenue of Honour

The Kingston Avenue of Honour is a beautiful and significant site. Visit in autumn to see the stunning autumn colours, or in spring to see the stunning display of green. The Avenue of Honour was planted by the Creswick Shire as a living memorial to those who voluntarily enlisted from the Shire to serve God and the King. Dedicated nine years after cessation of hostilities in 1918, the Avenue of 286 trees planted is a separate acknowledgement of WWI service from the recognition contained on the Creswick Borough Council Honour Board, erected inside the Creswick Town Hall.

A Harcourt granite monument, in the form of an obelisk, was unveiled by Brigadier-General H E Elliot on 18 December 1927 to mark the Kingston end of the avenue.

Daylesford Avenue of Honour

Driving into Daylesford you will notice the spectacular sycamore trees lining the roads. These tress reflect the seasons, with stunning autumn colours, the bright greens of spring, the bare branches of winter and the muted tones of summer.

The Daylesford Avenue of Honour was planted to commemorate the First World War in 1918. They line Daylesford - Malmsbury Rd, a section of the Midland Hwy and Raglan Street.

  • Alway open

Drummond Avenue of Honour

The Drummond Avenue of Honour was planted by local residents to commemorate eleven fallen soldiers in the First World War.

There were originally 50 trees evenly divided along both sides of the Daylesford road, starting on the south corner of the intersection of the Lauriston road and heading south. It is believed that the original planting was in gums, but as they became grub infested, they were removed and replaced with Elms.

  • Sunrise to sunset.

Glenlyon Avenue of Honour

The Glenlyon Avenue of Honour lines the main street on Glenlyon and provides a magnificent shady canopy.

Visit in autumn to see the spectacular colour change. This avenue was planted to commemorate the First World War.

  • Always open

Trentham Avenue of Honour

The Trentham Avenue of Honour is in two parts: 1) Bridge Street from Victoria Street to High Street; 2) Cosmo Road from High Street to West Street. The trees in the Avenue are mainly Elms (Ulmus x hollandia). The Ash trees in the middle section of Bridge Street are replacement trees that were planted during the reconditioning of the Avenue in the 1930s.

  • Sunrise to sunset.

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