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Domino Trail – 6km | 1.5 hours one way

The Domino Trail is a rail trail that follows the route of the original railway line that travelled between Daylesford and Carlsruhe.

The 6km one way journey takes you through the beautiful Wombat State Forest that was once under threat from miners and loggers. Discover the history and ecology of this area from the interpretive boards along the trail. This walk will take approximately 3 hours to complete the return journey. Why not stop off at either end of the trail and have a bite to eat before the journey back to your starting point. Collect a map from the Trentham Visitor Information Centre.

  • Open lunch and dinner seven days per week

Heart of the Horse

This is a magical experience, chosen for the beauty of the Wombat Forest and the sensational trails that are perfect for trail riding. The sense of peace that imbues this special area is incredible. When you finish you are a short walk or 2-minute drive away from Trentham and all this quaint town has to offer.

This is much more than a trail ride. We can incorporate many of the aspects that are usually covered in the equine & healing sessions. It is a personal empowerment session with a difference - on horseback. The higher price includes my pack-up and floating the horses from Woodend to Trentham and a refreshment stop half way through the ride. This can be arranged for 1 or 2 people.

This is a great experience for people who
*Want to feel the power and magnificence of being on horseback
*Know you need help with your confidence or a self-esteem issue that is holding you back
*Love the outdoors, forest, nature, however, have limited time to be in it.


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