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Lunaris – Public Art

Lunaris is inspired by time and space in Clunes, Victoria, Australia. It is a response to the geology, landscape, history and the presence of the moon.

Lunaris combines art forms both old and new, these being the sculpting of earthworks, which dates back to Neolithic times and Augmented Reality (AR), a new media technology. An AR application will allow you to explore the moon with your smart device, turning the circular paved arena alive with lunar layers to when you direct your smart device camera at it.


Lunaris is an enclosed piece of landscape: an earthly layer with multiple unearthly overlays, multiple realities to augment. There’s pale, shimmering quartz returned to the ground from the gold mines’ tailings – the vast mine dumps that surround former mining towns and create new terraforms, reshaping human settlements like a kid playing Minecraft. There’s deep, dark limestone, cut into hundreds of unique shapes. There’s the layers of experience that emanate from its surface under different lighting conditions: day, night, full moon, new moon. And then there’s the dazzling, the discombobulating and the deeply resonating experience of its augmented reality Moon…. A moon that you can touch, turn and even walk on, right here on earth.

Download the augmented reality app here: https://www.hepburn.vic.gov.au/lunaris/

  • 81a Bailey St, Clunes Victoria 3363
  • Open daily sunrise to sunset

Calembeen Park Creswick

Calambeen Park has two beautiful lakes that are home to birdlife and displays of waterlilies. It was once the town’s Chinese camp in the goldmining days, now you can visit the park for walking, cycling, swimming, fishing and a favourite of locals and visitors alike, the now restored dive tower.

Calambeen Park is home to the public art piece ‘My Dearest’, which can be found by taking the walking trail around the lake.

Public Art – ‘My Dearest’

"My Dearest", otherwise known as the giant cup and ball is located in Calembeen Park, Creswick and was completed in late 2016.

It is made from concrete and polyurethane by artist, Mark Cuthbertson. The work resembles a cup and ball child's toy. "My Dearest" references the hardship and loss within families of the gold rush era. The artwork is a symbolic gesture of a sentimental item or cherished keep sake to provoke ideas of connection, loss and memories of the past.

  • Sunrise to sunset.

‘The Cottage’ Public Art

"Cottage" was completed in 2015 at Lake Daylesford by local, Glenlyon artist, Jason Waterhouse.

The artwork is made of decorative, hand-wrought iron inspired by patterns that can be seen around the town of Daylesford. "Cottage" draws on the architecture of miner's cottages during the gold rush era. It seeks to remind us of the historical foundations of modern Daylesford.

Take the short stroll from Lake Daylesford, past Central Springs Mineral Reserve to discover this hidden gem.

  • Sunrise to sunset.

Stony Creek Reserve

This community managed park is a great space to take a wander after a meal at the nearby main street of Trentham and pack a picnic to enjoy near the creek or in the shade of the tall trees throughout the reserve. The Trentham skate park is also located within the reserve and it great for kids of all ages. The Wombat Trail passes through this reserve.

The newly installed public art work can be explored on your adventures through this park.

  • Sunrise to sunset.

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