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Trentham Falls – Coliban River Scenic Reserve

Coliban River Scenic Reserve is also known as Trentham Falls. The reserve is located just a short drive north of the township of Trentham, 97 kilometres north-west of Melbourne. From the viewpoint, only 100m from the car park, you can appreciate the basalt cliffs and the impressive waterfalls. The falls are best viewed in the winter and spring months or after significant rainfall.

Beautiful Trentham Falls is one of the longest single drop waterfalls in Victoria, plunging some 32 metres over basalt columns. There is no access to the top or base of the falls due to unstable cliffs but you can best enjoy the waterfall from the viewing platforms.


The reserve protects one of the best remnants of vegetation in the area, you can find stands of large manna gum, stringy bark, messmate, narrow-leaved peppermint as well as seasonal wildflowers.

Toward the reserve entrance is a picnic area and carpark in delightful bush surroundings and located a short walk to the falls viewpoint.

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  • The falls are best viewed in the winter and spring months or after significant rainfall

Sailors Falls

View the spectacular drop of the twin falls from the picnic area, just a short stroll from the car park.

Take some time to read the interpretive signage detailing the history and geology of the area and taste the fresh mineral water from the pump near the picnic area.

Feel like stretching your legs? Take the 1.4km loop walk from the picnic area, down the stairs and follow the creek to the lower mineral springs. Here you follow an old water race to the base of the falls, amongst the ferns and loop back across the creek to return.

Sailors Falls is thought to be named after the sailors who jumped ship to seek gold in the area during the 1850’s gold rush. Throughout this area you can spot the remnants of water races which delivered water around the gold diggings to uncover the nuggets of gold.

For up-to-date park information including any changed conditions, visit the Parks Victoria webpage or call 13 19 63.

  • 13 1963
  • Sunrise to Sunset

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